Supportive Community Living

The SCL program is designed to support members to live as independently as possible in their own homes. Staff is available to provide members with individualized hourly services to help them accomplish their goals. The goal of the program is to maintain independent living and increase involvement in the community.

We pride ourselves in practicing a person-centered approach as member choice is always held in the highest regard to each member’s services. The focus of SCL programming is on empowerment; so as the member is able reduce the need for services and be as independent as they wish to be. The program provides training to help members develop or regain skills of daily living such as:

• Home management skills
• Social and leisure skills
• Medical support services
• Health and wellness education
• Managing mental health
• Budgeting and financial assistance
• Crisis management and problem solving
• Transportation coordination
• Advocacy


Transitional/Daily Services
Residential supports provide daily supervision and training in activities such as laundry, routine household care, self-care, shopping, money management, socialization, and leisure activities. Daily services are provided with a range of staffing supports and various schedules that are based on member need in order to ensure adequate support through this transitional setting. Services provided at this level are intended to evaluate and train/rehabilitate members for successful integration or introduction into community living.
Program length for each served member is based on member progress and not time limited; thus increasing chances at success when services are reduced.


Day Habilitation Programming
CVCSS Day-HAB services assist and support members by enhancing intellectual functioning, physical and emotional health and development, language and communication development, cognitive functioning, socialization and community integration, functional skill development, behavior management, responsibility and self-direction, daily living skills, self-advocacy skills, or mobility. Participants can attend as many days as they choose.

Program activities are provided both on-site at the CVCSS Day-HAB center or in the community. Members are provided with monthly activity calendars. Click here to see this month's scheduled activities!


CVCSS Club is a drop-in site focused on assisting others with the acquisition, retention or improvement of self-help, socialization, and adaptive skills. CLUB offers individuals a place to grow by providing a wide range of leisure, social, and recreational activities such as arts and crafts, exercise, workshops and games. Club is an environment which supports inclusion and focuses on recovery through building natural peer supports and giving back to the community with volunteer opportunities. Funding is not needed for consumers to attend drop-in and services can be utilized as frequently as desired. Club hours are 8:00am – 4:00pm Monday through Friday with some additional weekend and evening hours offered each month. Click here to see this month's scheduled activities!


For information on referrals for SCL or Day Habilitation programming in the CSS Region (Blackhawk County) please contact Emily Wing. 

For information on referrals for SCL programming in the East Central Region (Linn County), please contact Megan Ducharme.

For information on referrals for Day Habilitation programming in either the CSS Region (Blackhawk County) or the East Central Region (Linn County), please contact Shelly Wells.

For information on referrals for SCL programming in the East Central Region (Johnson County), please contact Amanda West.

For any other inquires about our services or our agency in general please contact Melody Moser, Operations Director.


CVCSS offers the following individually tailored services:

Living Skills Education
Support Services
Self-Care Education
24-hour Emergency Assistance
Service Coordination
Medical Management
Scheduled Day Activities
Financial Management


*CVCSS contracts with our Regional Partners, Amerigroup and Iowa Total Care for all offered services.